Build SaaS integrations
at scale

Single open-source GraphQL API to connect CRMs to your SaaS


Typical SaaS Integrations Dev Workflow

Current workflow

Integrations are costly

It can take up to 70% of your development and maintenance efforts

Integrations distract from innovation

Taking care of app integrations is stealing time and distracting your team from building the differentiating capabilities of your product.

Integrations are never-ending

With growing numbers of apps and services available on the market, it is becoming more challenging to win and keep users engaged within your product.

The Blendbase Unified Approach

Integrate once

Build an integration with Blendbase once and benefit from consistent support and updates.

Continually expand your coverage

Blendbase will be launching new integrations that you can start using with no additional dev cost.

Build anything custom on top

Build your own integrations on top of Blendbase. It's open source!
Current workflow

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